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2020 MUSD Teacher of the Year: Karla Clapper, Roadrunner Elementary

IMAGE: 2020 MUSD Teacher of the Year: Karla Clapper Five years ago Karla Clapper joined the Roadrunner family and has significantly impacted students, staff, and the community from the moment she was hired. Mrs. Clapper is well known for her exceptional ability to motivate students through her highly engaging activities and strong relationships with students. She infuses high levels of deep content knowledge with humor and innovation and is a natural magnet to all students who enter her classroom. Every student feels valued in Mrs. Clapper’s classroom and she knows exactly what each child needs to succeed.

Through her tireless efforts and endless dedication, Mrs. Clapper has implemented numerous programs and enrichment opportunities to ensure equitable opportunities for Roadrunner scholars. She devotes hours of her personal time seeking out resources within the community and professional organizations in order to ensure that her scholars have access to every opportunity to showcase and build their talents and skills. In just five short years, her work has resulted in almost $50,000 in grant funding to benefit Roadrunner scholars and the school community. Her scholars compete in Lego competitions, Kidstruction competitions, design and run community service projects, learn coding, attend field trips, participate in Wright Flight, explore the arts in the classroom and participate in Genius Hour.

Mrs. Clapper is not only an exceptional teacher, but she is also a natural leader, highly respected, and an invaluable member of the Roadrunner community. Mrs. Clapper has a reputation for going above and beyond to support students and colleagues. Whether she’s writing grants or assisting other teachers with grants, creating Makerspace and STEM classrooms on campus, co-teaching or preparing lessons for teachers to use, facilitating STEM night, Veteran's Day Assemblies and Science Fairs, Mrs. Clapper is always giving back and never hesitates to offer assistance and add one more thing to her busy schedule.

As a teacher leader, Mrs. Clapper is on the Instructional Learning Team and is a co-coordinator for the 21st Century Learning Center grant. In this role, she is involved in the planning and coordination of all before and after school enrichment and remediation clubs. Additionally, she shares her expertise at the GEM District Quarterly trainings, supports and mentors new GEM teachers, and collaborates with other GEM programs to provide opportunities for all students.

Karla Clapper is an exemplary role model who motivates and inspires others through her passion for education and children! Congratulations!