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Retired Mrs. Gamboa Named “Legendary Teacher”

Mrs. Gamboa sitting with her dogCongratulations to Mrs. Judy Gamboa, former special education resource teacher at MUSD, for being named a legendary teacher! Mrs. Gamboa began her teaching career at Estes Elementary School in 1977. She assisted with opening Thornydale Elementary School, and eventually retired from DeGrazia Elementary School in 2011. 

Mrs. Gamboa was nominated by a former student who still remembers the impact she had on him: 

“Mrs. Gamboa was the BEST teacher ever! She was kind, loving and patient. She taught us to also be kind not only to people, but to animals. Her love for dogs and other animals was a huge part of learning every day in her classroom. Mrs. Gamboa brought real life events and life skills into her classroom. By teaching kids how to create menus, work a cafe, count money, go shopping, read, write, do math and to role play other real-life events, she made it easier for us to be prepared for the future. We developed communication and workmanship skills that we would not have learned in our other classroom settings. Hats off to Mrs. Gamboa for being one of my favorite teachers ever! Thanks to Facebook, we still keep in touch some.  And.... she still wishes me a happy birthday every single year! (I am now 20 years old). We love you Mrs. Gamboa and are happy that you are enjoying retirement!” 

Mrs. Gamboa was honored and humbled by the recognition, and she shared her love for MUSD. 

“I had the best career in the whole world. I was truly lucky to land in Marana, and I cherished my years working with students in the District,” Mrs. Gamboa said. “I have these amazing memories with me forever, and now that I am in my retirement – those memories are pretty special to look back on.” 

Legendary Teachers are selected annually by the Legendary Teacher organization. Legendary Teachers are described as: 

  • Striving to help students discover and understand concepts.
  • Engaging students in creative learning activities.
  • Connecting learning to the past, present, and future.
  • Adapting their methods and assessments to meet diverse learning styles.
  • Creating and maintaining dynamic learning environments.
  • Continuing to improve their content knowledge base and teaching skills.

Congratulations, Mrs. Gamboa!

PHOTO: (Below) Mrs. Gamboa in retirement with her truck and RV

Mrs. Gamboa in retirement with her truck and RV