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Fall 2022 GEM News: Roadrunner Elementary


Working with our younger GEM students has been a whirlwind so far this year. First and second grade classrooms have been practicing thinking skills like deductive reasoning and divergent thinking. In the GEM room, students have been working as teams to solve logic puzzles, using functional vocabulary and prepositional relationships.

3rd GEM

Third grade GEM students have been “digging in” to the study of archaeology, examining the people of the past and present. Using the lens of Relationships, we have looked closer at historical and modern inhabitants of Arizona, discussing the factors that determine where they chose to live.

4th GEM

Fourth grade students have been using research and practical experiments to identify factors that influence erosion. While examining some erosion control techniques used here in Arizona, students created posters and practical models to teach others how erosion works and how to reduce its effects.

5th and 6th GEM

The older GEM students started this year working on their KIDstruction project, focusing their efforts towards outer space. Students researched terrestrial technologies and current efforts to adapt space for human life, and carried this knowledge forward to design impressive structures. Students have since turned their focus to the past, examining the ways in which we have communicated news including the telegraph (morse code) and radio broadcasts. They are currently writing radio scripts to be recorded and compiled into a historically based news program.