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Home-School Communication

 Tiger Cub Mascot As parents, you play an important role in your child’s education. In order to be involved, it is important for you to stay informed about happenings at school. At Twin Peaks, we use the following tools to communicate with you:


Tiger Cub Weekly

Our school newsletter, Tiger Cub Weekly, is emailed to families each week on Tuesday evenings. Stay informed and updated by reading our news.


MUSD Connection

This tool gives you a view into your child's classroom teacher's grade book so that you can keep track of how your child is doing in school.  When you are signed up for MUSD Connection, you don't have to wait for the mid-quarter progress report or the end of quarter report card to find out about your child's academic performance.  You also have access to your child's individualized health and attendance school records.  Contact our attendance clerk, Jacquie Treatch, to receive a secure user activation key.



Facebook is a great way to stay connected with Twin Peaks.  Our Facebook page includes news, posts, and an up-to-date Calendar of Events. Posts are also made by the district so that you can be informed about the K-12 comprehensive continuum of education available in the Marana Unified School District.


Web Site  

Our web site includes a variety of information to keep you informed and connected:

  • Calendar of Events: Each summer, the Calendar of Events on the web site is updated for the entire school year as much as possible. Events that are scheduled during the school year are updated as we go. If you would like to plan ahead, check out our web site to find out what is coming up.
  • News and Announcements:  The Tiger Cub News and Announcements sections are updated frequently. Stay informed about events and other news through these tools.


At Twin Peaks, our staff is here to serve you and your child, and we encourage you to stay informed and connected.