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2018 Exempt Employee of the Year Announced!



Christina Noriega’s unbridled ambition is like none other. She knows what needs to get done and does it. Regardless of the level of pressure, footwork involved or the time it takes, she is on point and goes above and beyond. In her 20 years of service, it is well known, that Mrs. Noriega will rush to a student's home as soon as she gets word that there may be something they need or someone to help.


As the veteran "district social worker," Mrs. Noriega’s passion for helping others is apparent in her work and in her dedication to supporting students, families, schools, and the Marana community. She is a support for families who have lost so much. She helps students prepare for school, and she has encouraged students to get up and be present at school when they feel that there is no longer a point. She is a mentor to fellow social workers and is known for her strong ability to develop relationships with families, co-workers and the community. She is viewed as a true inspiration!


Her tireless commitment is evident through her involvement with the Marana Community Food Bank, United Way, Hope Fest and Parents as Teachers. In addition, she manages district projects including the annual back-to-school drive and the district Holiday Share Program. Mrs. Noriega’s hope each year is that students in need can be equipped with the necessary school supplies and that classroom teachers don't feel the strain of having to buy items. Another task that Mrs. Noriega oversees is the district's Holiday Share program which positively impacts hundreds of students and their families. While schools are busy finalizing the semester, Mrs. Noriega and her team are traveling throughout the district to deliver holiday meals, clothing, shoes, and gifts generously gathered by donors in the community. In addition, she often presents at meetings for rotary groups and faith-based organizations, and volunteers her time at local events.


Mrs. Noriega never gives less than 100% in all that she does, and she never expects anything in return. She is supportive, trusted and above all, passionate about students and their families, co-workers and community successes. She has earned a reputation of trust and is highly valued as a mentor and role model. Congratulations!