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Students Excel at Research, Science, and Engineering!

Student Researchers’ Projects MUSD congratulates 30 students and 5 classes for their award-winning engineering, science, math, and technology projects at the 63rd Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation’s (SARSEF) fair, April 11 through April 4 at the Tucson Convention Center.

The four-day special event showcased student researchers’ projects covering scientific, environmental, medical and engineering topics in a professional, competitive environment. Over 90,000 K-12 Southern Arizona students participated in earlier stages of the competition in order to compete at the fair.

Congratulations to Butterfield Elementary School, DeGrazia Elementary School, Estes Elementary School, Ironwood Elementary School, Marana High School, Mountain View High School, Quail Run Elementary School, Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary School, Twin Peaks Elementary School.


SARSEF encourages ALL citizens to think critically and make decisions based on evidence and data. They are committed to empowering Southern Arizona’s K-12 students to participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; offering multiple programs that enrich the community and prepare students for the future.