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2020 MUSD Administrator of the Year: Kristina Brewer, Principal Roadrunner Elementary

 IMAGE:  2020 MUSD Administrator of the Year: Kristina Brewer Kristina Brewer possesses a deep, underlying belief in the power of education to change lives and has a flame that burns passionately within her soul. She will do whatever it takes to support every child, staff, and family and has the ability to ignite a spark in everyone she meets! She is well known as an extraordinary and transformational leader and mentor who always leads by example, is respectful in thought and word, and is committed to developing and maintaining strong relationships. With her focus always on the success of the entire community, she pushes her students and staff to stretch and grow, never satisfied with the status quo, while embracing and celebrating successes along the way. 

Having served sixteen years in the Marana district, Mrs. Brewer is student centered and leads with a positive attitude and outlook. She has created a safe, uplifting environment and is always going above and beyond. On any given day, Ms. Brewer is absent from the front office because she is in classrooms, out on the playground or in the cafeteria, working alongside students and staff, assisting teachers, building relationships, and leading by example. She’s known to join in a game, take a selfie with a student, and is always giving out endless hugs. Mrs. Brewer works tirelessly with community partners to enlist donations, support, and opportunities for students. Healthcare opportunities such as physicals, dental care and even haircuts are offered as students get ready for each school year. She has collaborated with the boy scouts to install beautiful benches and to design and build a tortoise habitat for all to enjoy. Ms. Brewer's dedication to her staff and scholars is second to none. Whether it is making sure that scholars have food to eat during unscheduled breaks by gathering donations and physically driving food to homes to ensure all family members have food, to supporting staff members in making their career dreams come true she is always willing to do whatever it may be to meet the needs of her Roadrunner Family. 

As an instructional leader, Mrs. Brewer inspires in others a yearning to do more, give more and be more, while gently nudging her staff toward leadership. Her staff can lean on her for positive and constructive feedback, as well as expert advice as to how best to approach a lesson or unit. She provides opportunities and develops programs that help to enrich educators on campus. Mrs. Brewer is in tune to what her staff needs, requires, and what motivates them through reflecting, acknowledging their triumphs but most importantly their struggles. 

Kristina Brewer makes everyone around her better. She inspires in others a yearning to do more, give more and be more. The programs she’s implemented, the traditions she’s started and the leaders she has created will all change the course of many lives at Roadrunner and beyond, far into the future. Congratulations!