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Long-time Volunteer, Ms. Lamb "Belled"

Ms. Lamb surprised being 'belled' Much to her surprise, Ms. Lamb , Ironwood Elementary, was "belled" with a Ben's Bell on Friday, September 7. This long-time kindergarten volunteer was the recipient of a Ben's Bell for her tireless commitment to helping Ironwood students over the past 6 years. The support of volunteers make such a positive difference and make our school communities so special! 

MUSD takes pride in knowing that our schools are "Be Kind" campuses participating in kindness activities and assemblies throughout the year, with a daily reminder of kindness through a prominent Ben’s Bells “Be Kind Mosaic Mural” on campuses.  Ben’s Bells, along with other school-wide programs such as PBIS, Peaceful Playgrounds and Healthy Play, promote a positive school climate. 

The mission of Ben's Bells is to inspire, educate, and motivate people to realize the impact of intentional kindness, and to empower individuals to act according to that awareness, thereby strengthening ourselves, our relationships and our communities. 

If you know someone who inspires kindness nominate them for a Ben's Bell!