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Over $8 Million in 2019 MHS Academic & Merit Based Scholarships

IMAGE:  Congratulations! Congratulations to the class of 2019, graduating with a nationally recognized AP Program and over $8 million in academic scholarships and merit-based scholarships.  Recent colleges and universities MHS graduates have attended; Harvard, USC, Colorado State University, Brigham Young University, San Diego State University, Rochester Institute of Technology and Embry-Riddle.

Marana High School offers a diverse array of college-level advanced placement classes, dual enrollment courses, career and technical/JTED courses to earn industry-recognized certifications. Additionally, MHS provides internships and work-study programs ensuring that when students graduate they are equipped with the necessary skills to enter college with credits already earned or to enter the workforce having had exposure to real-life work experiences.

Class of 2019

4 Year Institution: 42%

2 Year Institution: 37%

Military Enlistment: 17%

Other: 4%

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