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Hunter Holt Awarded 2020 Lanny Williams Scholarship Award.

IMAGE: Hunter Holt with 2020 Lanny Williams Scholarship Award. Congratulations to Hunter Holt, Mountain View High School senior, awarded the 2020 Lanny Williams Scholarship Award on February 11 by the Arizona Athletic Trainers’ Association. 

The Lanny Williams Scholarship is a $500 scholarship awarded to three senior high school athletic training student aides with at least two years of experience who demonstrate an excellent work ethic, character, leadership qualities, academic achievements, experience and competency as an athletic training student aide. 

Hunter Holt is the twenty-second student in Mountain View High School’s history to receive the Lanny Williams Scholarship. Leah Oliver, Mountain View High School Sports Medicine Teacher and Certified Athletic Trainer, nominated Hunter.   

Leah Oliver, Sports Medicine Teacher and Certified Athletic Trainer, states, “What comes to mind when I think of Hunter is “unparalleled talent and determination” – “one who is unique and unmatchable.” Hunter inspires me to be better and to grow.  He shares that enthusiasm with everyone he comes in contact with.” She further says, “As far as confidence goes, Hunter is everything to everyone. Athletes, coaches, and parents trust him implicitly.”   

As a leader on campus, Hunter is the HOSA Sports Medicine Club President and Career & Technical Education (CTE) Ambassador. He is certified in Health Care Provider CPR and EMR and has shadowed various doctors and done ambulance ride-alongs. He is a 4 year varsity letter winner and volleyball team captain.