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MHS TIGER INSIDER: Welding Our Way To The Future

 IMAGE: Marana High School Tiger Mascot. By Emma Nixon. [Contributor to the TIGER INSIDER MHS Journalism publication] 

"[I wanted] to work with my hands, [learn] how to measure and [learn] just some basic things about how to problem solve," said sophomore Daniel Parrish on why he took the welding class for a second year.

"I always thought that welding was cool and I had the chance to take the class, so I decided to take the class,” continued Parrish.

Taking the class as a freshman could be something new or interesting to try out. And, if students continue in the program all four years, they could continue learning more about the welding trade and eventually they could receive a certificate.

"This class is a fun class to take,” said sophomore Jacob Landor who is taking his second year of welding.

The love for welding in the class is contagious, not just from the students, but from the teachers too.

"I really enjoyed welding when I was in high school," said welding teacher Mario Favela.

Just like every teacher, Favela has goals for his students.

"One of our goals for our welding program is to get our students certified, so we have different certifications and different welding processes. This past year, we had 21 out of 21 students certified," Favela continued.
Welding is not a "typical" class because it is an elective where students do a lot of their work outside of the classroom. 

"You get to make a lot of things, and you don’t have to be in a classroom all the time," Parrish concluded.