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MHS TIGER INSIDER: How Esports is Changing the Game

 IMAGE: Marana High School Tiger Mascot. By Ashley Monson. [Contributor to the TIGER INSIDER MHS Journalism publication] 

A new craze is sweeping the state, the nation, and the world. Esports is a competitive league of computer gaming with millions tuning in through platforms like Twitch (a streaming site owned by Amazon). As the popularity of Esports grows, so does the demand and the winnings earned with it.

Because of the large public interest and the appeal to teens, many schools and organizations across the country have implemented clubs to cater to those growing interests. One of those schools includes MHS. Supervised by Samantha Seery and led by president Hunter Hassebroek (10), the club captivates many students across the campus.

With only a month into the school year and the club only being about six months into existence, it already has 63 members. The Esports Club allows students to build a sense of community, and be able to share a common interest as well as a particular skill set in a safe and welcoming environment.

"I think that it has a really good impact because it’s providing a place for kids to go after school, and to find someone who has the same passions that they [the students] do," Hassebroek expressed when questioned about the subject.

And although it is a highly arguable subject on whether Esports is considered to be a legitimate sport or not, many members are very adamant on the idea that it is in fact a sport.

"[Esports] is creating more of an impact and it is beginning to be treated as a sport just like football and other sports. There is competition, and that aspect brings people closer together in how teams have a lot of healthy competition. And by having that same relationship with each other [in Esports and gaming], it makes it a sport,” club member junior Nick Williams elaborated.

Esports isn't just a hobby, but a community and a league of passionate people.

"I think [Esports] teaches [students] to collaborate and work well with one another. It teaches how to take loss and to fail forwards, and to recognize your strengths and your mistakes," Seery said in relation to the bene ts Esports presents.

The club presents all kinds of opportunities to students not only by creating a long-lasting bond between team-mates, but also giving students the opportunity to build upon that interest into a legitimate career.