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MHS TIGER INSIDER: Tigress Golfers Off to a Strong Start

 IMAGE: Marana High School Tiger Mascot. By Jensen Stone. [Contributor to the TIGER INSIDER MHS Journalism publication] 

The Marana girls golf team won its first match of the season against Mountain View High School on Aug. 19. The girls have been practicing since early July.

Their coach, George Corona, started working with the girls during pre-season.

“They become better players, and more importantly better people. To help see what their definition of teamwork means and to be apart of the system, [shows] sports can build a lot of character,” said Corona.

Before every match, each individual girl has her own way of getting ready to play.

“To get into the right state of mind before a golf match, I usually practice before, stretch and take a few deep breaths. Along with drinking plenty of water,” said Emma Quackenbush (10).

For the returning golfers, their first match went smoothly due to knowing their strengths and weaknesses while playing against their opposing team.

“I was pretty comfortable to play against Mountain View; I had faith that we were going to do well, and was excited to see how it went,” said Victoria Lynch (12).

Not only is it rewarding for the girls to continue to play golf, but it is rewarding for their coach too.

“Being apart of their lives and having some influence in their development is pretty neat,” Corona continued.

The girls’ golf season already is halfway through, but it should be a great one because each and every member is dedicated to her team and her growing skills.

“I am optimistic about this season based on my first match. I was able to correct my swing so the ball can go straighter more consistently, which is usually my biggest struggle,” Lynch concluded.