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Dove Mountain CSTEM School Teacher Receives Honorable Mention from ASTA!

Shelley Wermuth Shelley Wermuth, a 7th grade teacher at Dove Mountain CSTEM School, was nominated for the 2020 Arizona Science Teacher of the Year and received an Honorable Mention! She was recognized at an event hosted by the Arizona Science Teachers' Association on November 21, 2020.  

Mrs. Bishop currently serves as a STEMazing Teacher Leader for the Dove Mountain CSTEM School. In this role, she received additional training in hands-on STEM learning.

Shelley is credited with creating transformative experiences for her students. She uses centers, allowing students to tinker and play with materials, generate authentic inquiries, and investigate using active scientific processes in divergent ways. She also uses an integrated approach, allowing students to make meaningful and relevant connections with other subjects, often through dynamic project-based learning experiences. 

Her nominator added, “Shelley is an innovator in the truest sense of the word. She does not conform to the status quo in education. She cares about all of her students deeply, and is committed to not just helping each student achieve, but to fostering their budding identities as scientists.” 

Congratulations, Mrs. Wermuth!