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DE Teacher to be Honored at Arizona Bowl!

Students of Mr. Aaron Hart, P.E. teacher at DeGrazia Elementary, hold up "We love Mr. Hart" signs

Mr. Aaron Hart, P.E. teacher at DeGrazia ElementaryMr. Aaron Hart, P.E. teacher at DeGrazia Elementary, will be honored at the 2023 Barstool Arizona Bowl game on December 30th as a winner of the Extra Yards for Teachers Grant! DeGrazia held a special assembly to surprise Mr. Hart with the award in front of all of the staff and students he teaches every day.

In his nomination letter, his colleagues celebrated his commitment to teaching and his special signature move, fist-bumping students every day.

“Mr. Hart impacts each and every student at DeGrazia twice per week with his fun-filled lessons. He gets their blood pumping in both indoor and outdoor activities. He teaches our students how to play games that transfer to our recess times as well. Mr. Hart sees students in the hallways, cafeteria, after school, etc. He always has a fist bump for students and does it with a smile and encouraging word at all times. He literally is the most famous teacher on campus! Mr. Hart has been a classroom teacher before so he values the connections he can make with students and sees the importance of his "special" class in keeping kids engaged in school. He's truly a special person and teacher!”

Mr. Hart will receive a $1,000 grant that can be used to fund a project, buy new classroom technology or purchase classroom supplies. Along with the grant, he will be given two tickets to the Barstool Arizona Bowl game in December where he will be honored on the field with 20 other Southern Arizona teachers also receiving this award. 

Thank you to Barstool Arizona for honoring Mr. Hart and celebrating teaching excellence in Southern Arizona!