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Arizona is Seeking Poll Workers: Age 16 and Up Can Participate

Arizona Vote Local election officials are seeking poll workers to ensure a smooth voting process for Arizonans. Becoming a poll worker is a great way to participate in the civic process of voting! 

Poll workers work under the direction of the county elections director and elections department staff. Poll workers receive training and compensation to help operate polling places on Election Day. Pay rates vary from county to county. Poll workers must:

  • Be at least 16 years-old
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Submit an application that includes parental/guardian and school permission along with a copy of your Social Security Card for payroll purposes
  • Attend a mandatory training class.

All polling place employees, including students, are required to work the full day. On Election Day, work begins at 5:00 am and ends when all polling place closing procedures have been performed (approximately 8:00 pm). There are also early voting locations that open ahead of Election Day with varying hours of operation; some counties may have opportunities for students at those.  

Poll worker duties include:

  • Setting up your assigned voting location
  • Checking in voters using voter registration rolls, including checking voter ID
  • Issuing ballots to voters, including making sure voters get the correct ballot style
  • Helping voters with disabilities, including providing instructions on how to use accessible voting machines
  • Assisting with curbside voting, which allows voters to vote from their car
  • Answering questions and guiding voters through the voting process
  • Ensuring voters who are in line by the close of the polls are permitted to vote
  • Closing up the polling place after the last voter has voted, including securely transporting voted ballots and other equipment to designated sites.

 More information can be found at Arizona.Vote.