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MMS Student Wins District Spelling Bee

2022 MUSD Spelling Bee Winners

Jill Parry, 7th grade student at Marana Middle School, became the Marana Unified School District’s 2022 Spelling Bee champion.

The District’s top 32 spellers were eligible to compete, ranging from fourth to eighth grade from Marana’s elementary, middle and K8 schools, for the title of Spelling Bee champion at the Marana Unified School District’s Spelling Bee hosted on Jan. 20 at Mountain View High School. Another 14 alternates were available to step in if a student could not participate.

Congratulations to: (Pictured below in this order)

1st Place/Champion: Jill Parry, 7th Grade, Marana Middle School

2nd Place: Aella Reid, 4th Grade, Estes Elementary School

3rd Place: Alyssa Dean, 4th Grade, Coyote Trail Elementary School

4th Place: Matthew Reyes, 4th Grade, Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary School

5th Place/Alternate: Leo Feltz, 4th Grade, Gladden Farms Elementary School

Students were required to spell words ranging from feinted, a French word meaning “deceived as a mock blow/attack to distract opposition, as in fencing, boxing” to kimchi, a Korean dish made of vegetables pickle-seasoned with garlic, red pepper and ginger. 

The spelling bee ended with Aella Reid misspelling word #61, Quasimodo (meaning: first Sunday following Easter). Jill Parry was then given the same word and spelled it correctly. She sealed her win as Spelling Bee champion by spelling word #62 correctly, fata morgana (meaning: something insubstantial).

Jill will be joined by three top contestants, and an alternate, at the Pima County Spelling Bee on Sat., Feb. 19 at Catalina High School. 

Congratulations to all District participants and winners!

1st Place Winner 2nd Place Winner3rd Place Winner4th Place Winner5th Place Winner