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Mexican Fiesta: Students Launch Restaurants at RRE!

 Students serving tables at Mexican restaurantRattlesnake Ridge sixth grade students ended the year with a special event that has become an annual tradition – launching operational Mexican Restaurants in its three 6th grade classrooms.

From handmade invitations and menus to colorful decorations, arranging and serving food, and hosting appreciative families and staff, the students went all out to provide an authentic Mexican experience. The restaurant “assignment” marked the completion of the Ancient Civilization unit, which explored and celebrated Mayan and Aztec cultures.

“Our students have learned about job opportunities, applied for positions of interest, interviewed with the business owner (teacher), and practiced their jobs,” said Mrs. Valerie Ramirez, sixth grade teacher. “Our students worked so hard to make this a special event for our guests!”

Families of students, Rattlesnake Ridge staff and District administration were invited to visit the restaurants and partake in a free, delicious lunch. Students embraced their roles as hosts, servers, runners, bussers and meal prep workers.  Each classroom created their own restaurant: Coyote Café (Ms. Ramirez), La Bamba Grill (Mrs. Gonzales) and Casa Bonita (Mrs. Reyes). The students were gracious and attentive hosts.

Thank you to our creative and hard-working students, and all our guests who dined with them!

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