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Fall 2022 GEM News: Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8

1st and 2nd Grade GEM has been so much fun this quarter! We officially have eleven 1st graders and 13 second graders, so we have a very full room! As a big group, we have been building our thinking skills by learning how to visualize and create mental images using a variety of books and puzzles. After reading the book Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young, we worked together to solve puzzles; we’ve learned we need to work together in order to see the full picture and be successful!

2nd Grade GEM students are also working to create their perfect classroom. We’ve been working in teams to brainstorm ideas, toured our school to see the special features in different classrooms, and we are finally ready to start designing! We can’t wait to finish our projects up during the 2nd quarter. Written with the help of 2nd Grade GEM

3rd Grade GEM Playground DesignerOur favorite things from 3rd Grade GEM this quarter are Morning Musings, Playground Designer, and Boggle and Noggle. Each day we come to GEM, we have a new Morning Musings writing prompt. We love that it is always different. We could write about Dinosaurs escaping one week and about making a new friend the next! We also like to become better writers. We also liked working on our Playground Designer projects. We’ve thought alot about what a great playground should include. We can’t wait to sketch them out and build them using supplies from the Makerspace! At the end of the quarter, we learned two new games called Boggle and Noggle. Boggle is a game that has 16 letters all mixed up and you have to create as many words as possible. Noggle is like Boggle, but you have numbers and you need to make math problems. We like that we can work together, or alone, and that it really makes us think. Written with the help of 3rd Grade GEM

These are some things we liked this quarter in 4th Grade GEM. We all liked learning how to code our Wombat Robots using C Programming. It was fun experimenting to learn what changes we should make to our code to make the Wombat move backward and forward. We can’t wait to learn more! We also really liked Round Robin Writing. This is a type of writing where you start a story and write the first bit, but then other people add to it. It was funny to see how our stories turned out. Another thing we liked this quarter was our Morning Musings. It lets us imagine things. Morning Musings writing starts right when we get to GEM, and our prompts could be pictures, writing prompts, or videos. These are only a few things we liked best about the 1st Quarter! Written what the help of: Wilbur, Teagan, Max, and Micah

5th Grade GEM Wright FlightWe’ve done so many things in 5th Grade GEM this quarter, it is hard to choose our favorites! First, one of our favorite things in GEM is Word of the Week because we can learn new words, synonyms and antonyms, and be creative by making sentences and drawings. Second, we like the Morning Musings, our morning writing opportunity, because we like getting challenged and being creative while making our stories. Also, we liked WORDLE because it challenges our brains while still being a limited number of tries, so we have to work smarter, not harder. Also, we think Wright Flight has been quite an exquisite task we have been given because, in the end, we will earn the reward of flying a plane if we study and succeed on the final exam! We can’t wait! Written by: Liam, Collins, Dominic, and Steele

In the Middle School GEM Elective this quarter, we explored a few different topics, the main ones being Kidstruction, Board Games, and puzzles. During the puzzles segment we tried out mind game puzzles and skill puzzles like rubrics for example. Next, during the Kidstruction segment, we explored space with our creativity, we got options to choose from different themes like galactic transportation and many others. We then built structures using only business cards, glue, and toothpicks. We entered our structures into a big city-wide competition. While we didn’t win, we did have a lot of fun. We ended the quarter by starting a new unit all about Board Games. We had the opportunity to play a variety of board games, researching and testing them before completing an evaluation of them and providing a review. Next quarter, we will be designing our own Board Games. We love GEM because it is a fun and creative learning experience where you can let your imagination flow but still learn skills for the future. Written by: Ashton