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Library News & Summer Reading

Student in library holding booksWe are excited to share that we are purchasing new books and materials for our libraries on 05/01/23! A new state law requires schools to post a list of all library books and materials on the district’s website and the school’s website for at least sixty (60) days after the purchase of the items (this does not include replacement books/materials). In addition, we need to notify parents of the opening and closing public review period within seven (7) school days prior to the opening date.

This email is your notification that the opening date of our public review period for newly purchased library books/materials is from 5/10/2023 to 7/09/2023. (A.R.S. §§ 15-721/15-722).

The list of new titles can be accessed by going to the MUSD Library/Media webpage by selecting the school that your child attends. Once you are on your child’s school's Destiny Discover page, you can find all newly purchased titles under “Coming Soon to your Library!"

In addition to reviewing recently purchased library books, you can search the entire catalog and log in to see a record of what your child has checked out from the school library. Here are directions to search for library books and log into Destiny Discover.

Pima Public Library Summer Reading Program

Want to escape the heat this summer? The Pima County library offers summer reading programs and activities. To learn more, connect with your local public library by visiting

The Pima County Library also offers books digitally (PDF and Audio). Check it out by going to

Elementary Libraries

This year during library visits students had lessons on book care, finding good fit books, library organization, and research skills. Students just wrapped up reading and voting for the Grand Canyon Reader Award picture book for 2023. This is a statewide program where students can vote annually on their favorite book. The winning picture book for 2023 was This is a Taco! By Andrew Cangelose.

Students sitting down reading open booksSecondary Libraries

This year, secondary libraries have been working on displays and reading challenges to build excitement around reading. With new titles coming soon to the library, we hope that students will be excited to come to the library to check out these new books!

Free Opportunity! SYNC: Audiobooks for Teens

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to improve comprehension, increase vocabulary and fluency, and provide access to books through a tablet/phone or computer. Beginning April 27, 2023 AudioFile offers 2 free audiobooks each week for 14 weeks. Visit to sign up.