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Delta Kappa Gamma Honors MUSD Teachers

 Bags of classroom goodiesThe local Delta Kappa Gamma Alpha Chapter (DKG), a professional honor society that promotes women educators' professional and personal growth, honored 18 early career (1-5 years) and 17 veteran educators from Marana Unified School District at an outdoor event hosted at DeGrazia Elementary School.

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Nominated by each school principal, each of the honorees demonstrates a strong commitment to students, providing quality educational experiences that inspire lifelong learners. The annual event, which typically honors early career educators, expanded to include veteran educators.

“Marana Schools’ veteran educators have supported early career educators during tough times, and some are retiring this year. We wanted to be more inclusive and go a step further to honor them as well,” said Nancy Mahon, DKG Alpha Chapter member.

DKG Alpha Chapter and local educational partner Treasures 4 Teachers presented the honorees with door prizes and a bag packed with classroom-related items and school supplies. 

Congratulations to all early career and veteran teacher honorees!

Butterfield Elementary

  • Ellie DeWeerdt, Early Career SPED teacher
  • Wendy Martin, Veteran Kindergarten teacher

Coyote Trail Elementary

  • Jacqueline Gormley, Early Career Kindergarten teacher
  • Shannon Carmichael, Veteran Reading Specialist

DeGrazia Elementary

  • Christina Ochoa, Early Career Kindergarten teacher
  • Mary Longo, Veteran 3rd grade teacher

Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8

  • Sierra Pederson, Early Career Kindergarten teacher
  • Kari Sjursen, Veteran K-8 Gifted teacher

Estes Elementary

  • Elaine Iiams, Early Career Kindergarten teacher
  • Jodi Everett, Veteran 6th grade teacher

Gladden Farms Elementary

  • Randi Longville, Early Career 2nd grade teacher
  • Ashley Romanoski, Veteran 4th grade teacher

Ironwood Elementary

  • Marcia Ruoff, Early Career 3rd grade teacher
  • Joni Brown, Veteran SPED teacher

Marana High School

  • Gabriella Gutierrez, Early Career 10th grade Pre-AP English & 9th grade English teacher
  • Jessica Hunt, Veteran 11th grade U.S. History AP & 10th grade World History teacher

Marana Middle School

  • Isabelle Harrison, Early Career 8th grade Science teacher
  • Jessica Cella, Veteran English LA 8th grade, GEM ELA 8th grade, & Language Development 7th & 8th grade teacher

MCAT High School

  • Shayna Binnion, Early Career 9th & 11th grade English teacher
  • Melissa Wrenn, Veteran 10th – 12th grade English teacher

Mountain View High School

  • Dymond Bradley, Early Career 9th & 12th grade ELA teacher
  • Mikayla Suba, Early Career 10th – 11th grade teacher
  • Deena Silver, Veteran 10th – 11th grade ELA teacher

Picture Rocks Elementary

  • Samantha Pearson, Early Career 1st grade teacher
  • Shawnie Gonzalez, Veteran 2nd grade teacher

Quail Run Elementary

  • Hailey Adams/Keyser, Early Career 6th grade teacher
  • Pam Burwell, Veteran Kindergarten teacher

Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary

  • Lauren Lundeberg, Early Career 1st grade teacher
  • Ann Murphy, Veteran 4th grade teacher

Roadrunner Elementary

  • Kristine Audetat, Early Career 1st grade teacher
  • Erica Nagode, Veteran Music teacher

Tortolita Middle School

  • Julianna Nelsen, Early Career 7th grade Math teacher
  • Jacqueline Noble, Veteran Drama/7th grade ELA and Enriched & GEM teacher

Twin Peaks K-8

  • Jamie Trent, Early Career 7th grade Social Studies teacher
  • Kristin Hunt, Veteran 7th grade Humanities teacher