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MUSD Safety and Security Updates for 22-23 SY

We are looking forward to welcoming all our students, families, and staff back to school. MUSD and our schools prioritize safety with many procedures in place that allow us to properly prepare and respond to potential emergencies. We have committed a considerable amount of time and energy this summer to assessing our security needs, improving facilities, and revising procedures. MUSD has made many modifications throughout the last few years to secure our campuses, but we know that we can always do better. The following highlights some of our current and future plans. 

Security Assessments
We have been working with local law enforcement agencies throughout the summer on completing assessments on the facilities within their jurisdictions. It has been a good opportunity to assess many of the things we have already done to mitigate any potential threats. We understand that we can always improve so these visits have given us an opportunity to identify our needs and prioritize what we can do now and throughout the year to improve.

Safety and Security Coordinator
We have hired a retired law enforcement officer who has extensive experience with security. The officer will join our team in the next few weeks to help provide guidance. They will aid in assessing our security procedures and guide us through the continuous trainings that we conduct with students and staff throughout the school year.

Threat Assessment Team
This team is composed of individuals who meet to assess the needs of individuals who may cause harm to themselves or others. The team is guided by professionals who have received extensive training with referring individuals to programs where they will not compromise the safety of those on our campuses.

Marana Police Canine Unit

Local Law Enforcement
We maintain strong working relationships with local law enforcement and emergency personnel. We are grateful to receive support from these agencies that often train our staff and provide guidance on modifications that need to be made to keep our students and staff safe. They also often conduct their training on our campuses in an effort to familiarize themselves with our facilities and utilize the most current response tactics.

We have completed upgrades on our intercom, security cameras, and alarm systems. We are also installing Rapid Response Alert Systems at all facilities. This system will help us alert law enforcement and shorten their response time at any time there is a threat on a school campus.

SpeakUp Safety Tip Line
We believe it is the right of every student to be educated in a positive, safe, caring, and respectful learning environment. The SpeakUp safety tip line provides a simple way for students, parents, and community members to anonymously report concerns of bullying, threats of violence, weapons brought to school, planned fights, students in crisis, and other urgent situations. Call or Text the SpeakUp line at 520-518-4181, or email

Feedback Welcome
These are just a few ways we are improving security in MUSD. We will continue to assess and modify our practices, but we know that the best way we can keep individuals safe is by continuing to build supportive and meaningful relationships with our students and community. Please reach out to school or district administration if you have any questions or want to provide feedback. We also encourage everyone to say something if they ever need help or have a concern. We value your input and look forward to serving you this year.