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COVID-19 Updates for the 22-23 School Year

MUSD Megaphone AlertAs we prepare to kick off a new school year, MUSD acknowledges that COVID-19 will continue to impact schools, however, with increased vaccinations and awareness of healthy personal habits, our hope is that it will not be as challenging as the prior two years. Should health trends change, we are confident we will be prepared to pivot.

As a result, we have updated the District health mitigation plan, which will continue to emphasize current industry best practices for reducing the spread of COVID in our schools and the community. Here is a brief outline of what you and your student can expect:

  • Masks/face coverings remain optional and will be available at all sites.
  • COVID test kits are available. Families can contact their school nurse or MUSD Health Services to inquire.
  • Good hand hygiene will be encouraged. Hand sanitizer will be available at all sites including buses.
  • Cleaning of school buildings and district offices will be performed daily, followed by disinfection where appropriate. Disinfectant and paper towels will be available in all classrooms/learning spaces.
  • Lunch times may be staggered, additional tables may be utilized, and outdoor seating will be encouraged for physical distancing as appropriate. Tables will be cleaned frequently.
  • View the complete District health mitigation plan for COVID.

Contact tracing will be targeted and continue in high-risk environments where close contact is more likely and the potential for an exposure/outbreak is higher, such as exceptional student services programs, preschools, PT, OT, Speech, sports programs, as well as for individuals who work 1:1 with students. For all exposures, we will monitor for cluster outbreaks and if additional exposures occur, we will contact trace. Families and staff will continue to be notified via email when there are cluster outbreaks.

Individuals should continue to rely on our COVID protocol and we always encourage any student or staff member who feels sick to stay home and consider getting tested.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing our students back – happy and healthy!