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Fun Run Pledging Open for 1 More Week

Two students in color runTwo students on fieldWe have 1 more week left in our Twin Peaks Obstacle Challenge/Color Run fundraiser to reach our goal of $18,000. Thanks to those who have donated to support our school and classroom so far! We have raised around $14,500.

As we approach the end of our fundraiser, we would love to see all students registered. So far, only 28% of families have registered. It’s easy and free! With your help, we can still reach our fundraising goal for this school year! Booster funds all of our great family events and supports our school with future improvements such as new swings for our elementary playground and shade for parent pick-up.

Once you register on MYBOOSTER.COM, here are just a few of the great features for you to use:

  • Double Your Donation. After giving your donation, you can see if your employer will match your donation. Already donated? Use this link to search for employer matching anytime.
  • Two students in obstacle courseShare Button. Use our easy templates to get the word out to family and friends about how they can support our school.
  • Student Star Video. Uncomfortable with asking others for donations directly? No problem! Simply upload a photo of your student to MYBOOSTER.COM to create a fun, engaging video starring your student. Share this on Facebook or via email or text and let the video do the talking for you.

Click here to head to MYBOOSTER.COM and spread the word today!

Thank you, families!