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On Time Tournament: Popsicle Treat Winner!

 Cars parked under solar in the Twin Peaks parking lotTo encourage students to arrive on time, we are kicking off an On Time Tournament. Classes will compete with one another to see which class has the most on time students every week this quarter. Winners will receive a popsicle treat!

Families we need your help in getting our students to school on time. Students are required to be in the classroom at 8:15am to be counted on time. We encourage parents to drop off between 7:45am and 8:05am. Our classes open at 8:00am for students to put away back packs, take out materials, and begin completing bell work.

Many students have been arriving to school tardy this year. Students who receive 5 tardy arrivals in a quarter will be assigned after school detention. Whether your child walks, bikes, rides the bus, or is dropped off, parents play an important role in helping children arrive on time to school.