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Tortolita Middle School: Fourth Quarter Athletics

 Baseball bat, glove and ball laying on turfIs your child interested in athletics? Our 4th Quarter sports are Boy's baseball, girl's volleyball, and track and field!

Practice begins Tuesday, March 28th.

1.) Schedule an athletic physical. If you have not played at TMS sport yet, you will need to do this! A sports physical is required for middle school athletics, which is good for both 7th and 8th grade. You will upload a pdf of the document when you register during Step Two.

2.) Register your student for their sport online. Go to Register My Athlete to set up your account. Choose Tortolita Middle School, and select the second quarter sport your child will play. At that point, will guide you through all the registration requirements and information.

3.) Pay the $65 sports fee (per season) at the Bookstore. If your child played the first three seasons, the fourth season sport fee is waived!

Please call the school at 579-4600 with any questions.