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PBIS: Fall 2022 Report + What is PBIS?

 Students giving thumbs upPBIS: Fall 2022 Report

The Fall report includes information about the PBIS framework, tier 1 support emphasizing teaching positive social, emotional and behavioral skills, and a snapshot of how MUSD schools are doing. 

What is PBIS?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based, tiered framework to improve and integrate data, systems and practices affecting positive student outcomes every day. PBIS creates schools where all students succeed!

What is Tier I Support?

According to the Center on PBIS, Tier 1 systems, data, and practices, which emphasize modeling, teaching, and acknowledging positive social, emotional, and behavioral skills, support everyone across all settings. They establish the foundation for delivering regular, proactive support and preventing unwanted behaviors.

The core principles guiding Tier 1 PBIS include the understanding that we can:

  • Effectively teach appropriate SEB skills to all students
  • Intervene early before unwanted behaviors escalate
  • Use research-based, scientifically validated interventions whenever possible
  • Monitor student progress
  • Use data to make decisions

How are we Implementing PBIS Tier I in MUSD?

Rather than establishing specifically what not to do, schools define and teach expectations and SEB skills they want to see. Schools identify 3-5 positively stated, easy to remember expectations. These expectations create the conditions for a positive school climate to support teaching and learning. 

The Tiered Fidelity Inventory assesses how closely school personnel apply the core features of PBIS.

All MUSD schools are above the recommended 70% implementation that leads to positive outcomes, with 11.8% of schools at 73% and higher,
and 88% of schools implementing 80% or higher.

District leadership teams routinely evaluate their school-wide PBIS implementation and create action plans to improve PBIS supports for all students. We are proud of our schools and their commitment to creating supportive and safe environments for our students!