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Gardening & Ecology at Coyote Trail

Our efforts to get students involved in a variety of outdoor projects is well underway.  Thank you for supporting our gardening/ecology experiences. 


The garden beds near the front gate are growing radishes, carrots and scallions.  Wildflowers (to attract pollinators) have been planted in the tortoise enclosure.


We recently were awarded a seed grant from Native Seed Search, a nonprofit conservation organization located in Tucson.         


They donated packets of seeds to help us get our gardens started. 


We still need the following items;

small shovels, hoes, garden hoses, organic soil, watering cans, seed starter trays, metal shelving units. Thank you for those items donated recently, we appreciate the tools and soil.   


Coyote Trail Garden  Coyote Trail Garden  Coyote Trail Garden