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Parents, Teachers & Friends (PTF)

Shopping cart in store Please welcome your newly elected PTF Board:

  • President—Nikki Grubbs
  • President Emeritus - Nicole Glasner
  • Vice-President—Heather VonFange
  • Secretary—Brittany McArdle
  • Treasurer—Barbara Partch
  • Volunteer Coordinator—Cassandra Neeley
  • Hospitality Coordinator—Angela Toy
  • Newsletter—Deborah Drue Peterson
  • Community Relations Coordinators—Christina & Daniel Jelineo
  • Activity Planner—Swapna Krishnan

Our parent Board has set the calendar of events for the first few months of the new school year. The Great American Savings Book is now available and students can earn a lanyard and chicken key chains that hang on their lanyard. This fundraiser runs through next weekend, August 27, with orders due Monday the 28th.

One hour can make a difference!  Please help us by staffing the prize table while we promote the sale of the Great American coupon books.  You can see your kiddos for lunch while you hand out prizes for kids that have the mystery chicken of the day.

There are additional ways to support your school that aren’t tied to fundraising efforts. Here is a starting place for ways to support your school that are free.



  • Go to to link your Fry's card to Coyote Trail PTF. Encourage neighbors, friends and relatives to do the same with their Fry's card. After you sign up, you don't need to do anything else but shop! *if you have already signed up, you do not need to reenroll.


RAYTHEON Employees 

  • Raytheon Employees: Raytheon's "Matching Gifts for Education Program" is designed to encourage Raytheon employees to support education with their personal contributions. Coyote Trail is eligible for matching gifts under this program, which means that if you do a tax credit donation to Coyote Trail, Raytheon will match your gift, doubling the amount of your donation up to $10,000! The Matching Gifts for Education program can be found on the Raytheon network.



  • Box Tops - collect box tops on many common pantry-type foods, Kleenex and frozen foods. *Remember to ask family and friends to collect Box Tops, too, and turn them into the front office or your child's teacher.


AMAZON Wish List- Coyote Trail Teachers

  • NEW – We have set up a wish list on Amazon for Coyote Trail teachers. Please consider checking the list and purchasing something that our teachers need.