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Kaya Glasner, MHS student, creates “Buddy Benches” for friendship and kindness.

Kaya Glasner, showing finished “Buddy Benches” placed under tree in Coyote Trail school yard Congratulations and a tremendous thank you to Kaya Glasner, Marana High School student, who recently completed her Silver Award project for Girl Scout Troop 362. Kaya spent over 75 hours dedicated to the design, creation, and building of two “Buddy Benches” to donate to Coyote Trail Elementary.


These beautifully crafted “We are Family!”  and “Like a garden our friendship will Grow!” benches built with such love and care, provide a special place for elementary students to make new friends or sit together and share a moment of friendship, love, and kindness. Kaya surprised Coyote Trail Elementary students with her benches during a special school-wide assembly on March 2, 2018.


Her compassion, creativity, and generosity will continue on for years at Coyote Trail Elementary… What a difference she has made! 



Additional images during the construction process, and of the second "Buddy Bench":

Construction of bench base  Sanding the bus benches smooth  Painting the benches  2nd Paw Print "Biddy Bench" on Coyote Trail Playground