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CTE Haiku Winners Displayed Downtown

IMAGE: Mrs. Martin's winning haiku. Coyote Trail Librarian Mrs. Martin and Coyote Trail alum Robert Hernandez were one of twenty winners in the 1st Annual Old Pueblo Literary competition.  There were close to one thousand entries.  The haiku poems will be displayed in planters along Congress street until June 1.

Congratulations to them and the other winners! The contest was a joint effort between Downtown Tucson Partnership and the University of Arizona Poetry Center.

Haikus are a Japanese form of poetry with 17 syllables — five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second and five in the third. The theme was “Life in the City”.

Mrs. Martin's winning haiku:

late night dance party
confetti spilling down Congress
monsoon washes clean

  IMAGE: Mrs. Martin with winning Haiku printed on plaque in planter.   IMAGE: Robert Hernandez with winning Haiku printed on plaque in planter.