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Coyote Trail Receives "B" Letter Grade

 IMAGE: Coyote Trail Mascot

The Arizona State Board of Education has released their 2018-2019 Letter Grade Score (A-F) for every school in the state and, Coyote Trail Elementary has again received a letter grade of “B”!  This letter grade represents a highly performing level of performance.

Dan Johnson, principal, states, "As a staff, we feel strongly that it does not reflect the talented and dedicated teachers, staff and volunteers who work tirelessly for our students and school. While our focus on student achievement is above performance standards, we recognize that there is always more work to be done. We have flexible and grade-level specific plans in place this fall to help all students perform at higher levels of achievement. We believe we can, and should, work our way back towards a more appropriate letter grade."    

Johnson further states, "While we recognize that letter grades are one variable and not reflective of everything happening in our great school, we are proud of the attention to detail our certified as well as Support Staff provide when working with your students. We have increased our emphasis on successful instructional practices and professional development to provide teachers the tools and resources they need. Our teachers will continue to embrace higher accountability and data-driven instruction as a means to improve academic achievement in all classrooms. Additional resources for academic support and success such as after-school tutoring, individualized instruction and interventions, gifted resources and instructional practices in more classrooms along with a growing use of problem-based learning (PBL) strategies will have a positive impact on the campus.  These efforts combined with parent involvement opportunities to engage parents in their child’s learning are additional methods where we have enhanced our students’ overall success."